Sellswords : Ashen Company is a medieval Action RTS. As a captain of a mercenary company, you shall travel the world seeking for contracts, manage your company, and take part in massive battles. All of this in a unique blend between Real Time Strategy and Third Person Melee Combat. Sellswords Ashen Company is the first game of its kind, seamlessly blending between RTS and Third Person Combat, in huge battles with thousands of soldiers. It could be described as a mix between Mount and Blade and Total War.


The project was built around one single idea : "Wouldn't it be cool to play a Mount and Blade like game, with the scale of a Total War, and to be able to switch to an RTS view to give orders to our troops?"


  • Massive battles with thousands of soldiers
  • Realtime switching between Third Person and RTS


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About Mutiny Software

Mutiny Software is a one man team indie game studio, founded by Maximilien Gabillard.
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Sellswords : Ashen Company Credits

Maximilien Gabillard